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About Us

Arab Beverage Association (A B A):

Is a non profit organization representing Arab world’s beverage (non alcoholic) producers and related companies to the beverage industry (packaging, machinery, equipment, ingredients and other services) covering the following segments.

Juice, Nectar and Soft Drinks (JNSD)
Carbonated Drinks
Bottled Water
Hot Beverages


Consultancy and Research Services for the Beverage Industry.


Arab Beverages Association (ABA) will focus its efforts on the information, networking, training and consulting as well as educational opportunities through the establishment of workshops and annual meetings.


The objectives of the association will be the dedication to improving the quality and health of the business and its sustainability. Its main objectives are:

a. Protect the interest of the Arab Beverage Industry and promote its image in view of rapidly evolving global economic changes.

b. Offer a networking platform to facilitate technological innovation economic activity.

c. Work with regulatory authorities for lobbying; inform & advise the beverage industry on all aspects of Arab legislation which affect their business.

d. Creating global alliances to provide platforms for information exchange and promote effective communication and good relations within the group.

e. Serve as an intellectual repository of valuable information such as consumer trends and research in the beverages sector.